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Krita Sprint 2014

May 31, 2014

Last but not least, here is my report from the Krita 2014 sprint. It was the fourth Krita sprint and the first one since the previous sprint 2011. In terms of Krita development that a really long time and quite a lot happened since then. After the last sprint in Amsterdam the sprint location was once again in Deventer. As usual the sprint was again very productive and generally fantastic with lots of old faces and some new ones.

Most of the discussion was around planning for the next two versions which will be 2.9 and 3.0. With 3.0 we will make the step to Qt 5/Frameworks 5 so 2.9 will be used to finish all the ongoing development to make a clean port. We learned a lot from KDE 4 in this regard and this time we will port a lot later and also won’t don’t any other changes beside the port. Due to the upcoming port Krita 2.9 will be one of our most ambitious releases ever. The biggest new feature will certainly be that Krita will be able to handle multiple images in the same window. There is also a fundraiser in preparation to push the release even more.

After the main sprint concluded I workde on some problems the artists pointed out. The screenshot below shows some of the improvements that I made as a result of suggestions during the sprint.

Some results of the sprint


The smoothing setting in the tool options is now a button group instead of a combobox, which makes switching between different modes much faster. The composition docker now has checkboxes to control which compositions will be exported. It also now possible to update a composition after it was created and rename it. The gradient editor has seen some enhancements. It’s now possible to add new gradients and edit existing ones. The layout of the editor itself it also better now.

Many thanks go to Boudewijn and Irina for the excellent hosting and to KDE e.V. for making the sprint possible.