How to fix Krita on Ubuntu

We recently had a lot of problems with Krita running on Ubuntu. So here is the up-to-date of list of things that you can do to fix your Krita experience on Ubuntu.

  1. Use proprietary graphics drivers. As I pointed out before there are some problems with LLVM and the drivers, which haven’t been fixed so far.
  2. Remove the qt-at-spi package The something broken with the package that causes crashes in the save dialog in some applications (bug here).
  3. Change the theme. The default theme Ubuntu uses for Qt applications is broken. Plastique and Oxygen themes are working better.

3 Responses to “How to fix Krita on Ubuntu”

  1. Iván Yossi Says:

    Thanks for the guide. I just installed Krita on unity ubuntu today. Changing themes is easy as I know the application, but new users might feel the program is buggy or defective. Is the qt-api-spi package bug still valid? Im using git master version.

  2. slangkamp Says:

    As far as I know it’s still open.

  3. Ed Says:

    What about the tools bug in Ubuntu? Where there are no visible “guides” for the cursor in any of the vector, selection and shape tools and no visible “nodes” in the vector tools, it’s like trying to work with both of your hands tied behind your back, it makes all of the drawing tools (other than the brushes) absolutely useless. All of those vector, selection and shape tools work perfectly in both GIMP and Inkscape.
    Therefore, it sounds like a “KDE” issue, rather than an Ubuntu issue.

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