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Calligra Words generator for Okular

October 16, 2012



Some time ago i did create the ODP generator which allowed to view presentations in odp and other formats in Okular.  Back then I got lots of requests for a similar generator for text documents, but it couldn’t be done  back then as we didn’t have the needed functionality. As you can see below  that has changed now and I have started a new Okular generator that uses Calligra Words to render documents. I didn’t have a nice demonstration document around, but the full capability of Words can be used.

In the future that will allow Okular to show all the document types that Words can display like odt, doc and docx. Additionally this should provide provide a higher accuracy when rendering odt documents, while reducing code duplication.


Workaround for recent Krita crashes on some systems

October 6, 2012

Recently we have been getting lots of crash reports about Krita crashing on certain systems. So I’m putting up some information about the crashes and how to work around them.

Affected by the crashes are some distributions in combination with open source graphics drivers. In openSUSE 12.2 Krita will crash on startup (bug report) and in the upcoming Ubuntu 12.10 (bug report) it crashes on opening the preferences. The problems are some build issues, where the LLVM usage of OpenGTL which used by Krita and the LLVM usage of the graphics driver conflict.

As a workaround Krita users should use the proprietary graphics driver until these issues are fixed. Users of openSUSE can also have a look on the openSUSE bug report, where some new OpenGTL builds are made available over OBS.