Krita compositions docker

After Krita 2.4 is released the development for Krita 2.5 is progressing. The first feature that I added for 2.5 is a the new composition docker. It’s based on a request by David Revoy, who also did the storyboards for Mango (they are shooting currently, with a very cool behind the scenes livestream) in Krita.

The idea behind the compositions docker is very simply. It saves the visibility of all layers and can restore them. Composition are also stored to file if you use Krita’s native fileformat.

This is very useful e.g. for  cartoons were characters are in different situations over the same background or movie storyboards. Beside that it can also be used with different combinations of filters e.g. to simulate different color moods.

Last but not least David did a demo video of the new feature:

6 Responses to “Krita compositions docker”

  1. LukasT Says:

    We presented/demoed this feature at LGM 2012 before you announced it 🙂 Cool feature.

  2. Bassam Says:

    can composition docker also save layer blending modes/opacities? if so this will be *the* killer feature for texture artists.

  3. slangkamp Says:

    Currently only visibility is saved. The reason we change only visibility is that it’s covered by undo. Opacity needs undo as that’s much harder to recover.

    Maybe that could be added as special mode or so. Need to think about that.

  4. Chad Gleason Says:

    This is a useful feature in Photshop for storyboarding. Excellent to see it added to Krita. Don’t forget to add some kind of batch save for all the comps (unless it’s already in, that is. 🙂

  5. Boudewijn Rempt Says:

    What we also need is nice forward/backward buttons to quickly go through the list, I think.

  6. Rickyx Says: is down !!

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