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Krita Windows and Mac OS progress

July 25, 2011

Good news for all users that don’t use Linux but still want to run Krita. In the last week lots of progress has been made towards getting Krita to run on Windows and Mac OS X. The Windows work was work was done by stuartmd who is working for KO GmbH. The screenshot below shows current git master running on Windows. The native windows look is a bit ugly, but can of course be changed to Oxygen.

A Windows installer for Krita is expected for the next version later this year. I expect that we will have a quite long testing phase, as there are not many Windows developers and Windows users aren’t used to file bug reports.

Quite a suprise was that almost at the same time forum user pkouame managed to run Krita on the newest Mac OS version. Krita did run on Mac OS for some time, but after almost no Krita developer has an Apple computer anymore so practically nobody did run it.

In other news Anitims Krita DVD can now be preordered.