Vector graphic file import for Krita

For quite some time Krita supports shape layers now. It’s quite surprising that many users are use the vector features even though they are not as powerful as in pure vector graphics programs. Probably one of the biggest problem in the 2.3 and before was inserting vector graphics.

While inserting primitive shapes is very easy, inserting complex vector graphics was rather difficult. There were two ways to insert them, you could either open a file with the file dialog and it would get rasterized or you could copy and paste it from Karbon. After Kubuntiac brought up the wish to have better SVG support, I took over and added the new import filter.

The actual filter turned out to be really small as it just needs to open the file and find out which shape should go to which layer as the rest is done by flake. The filter at can load ODG files. After some fixes from Cyrille the filter can now also load SVG files (we use the Karbon SVG import). Pretty cool is also that we preserve Karbon layers as well as layers form Inkscape SVGs.


12 Responses to “Vector graphic file import for Krita”

  1. Silvio Grosso Says:

    THANKS a lot for having improved the support for the svg format.

    By the way, from the screenshot I have noticed that, for your testing, you have used the same sample tested by the developers of the Novell Office suite “Go-oo” (now merged into LibreOffice) [1].
    As a consequence, we might say that both Krita and LibreOffice can now “tame” tigers ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. slangkamp Says:

    This tiger is the standard file to demonstrate svg capabilities. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Blablabla Says:

    Please excuse me for the off-topic comment, but nobody gave me an answer for this… I cannot find the answer by myself because I’m a GNOME user, and by the moment I prefer don’t manipulate any Qt library on my Gentoo system: Is there any way in Karbon to trace bitmaps (like the Potrace UI that Inkscape has) or should I use Potrace separately? Thanks in advance, and keep going in your great job. Probably I’m going to switch to KDE ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. slangkamp Says:

    At the moment tracing isn’t in Karbon yet. You can also use Inkscape to trace it, export it and open it in Karbon. If you have more questions there is a Calligra forum on

  5. Douglas E Knapp Says:

    Importing is great but what about exporting? See this thread is rather old.

  6. slangkamp Says:

    Export isn’t that useful as Krita is pixel based. So it would be possible to add that for vector layers, but it’s not something that Krita is made for in general.

  7. Ralph Says:

    Krita, actually (13-01-2015, ver 2.8.5 on OpenSUSE 13.2) is NOT importing SVG files. I drag any SVG file in Krita and it ask me about what kind of format is.
    Finally, I need to use GIMP to do the task (Karbon has STILL problems related to respect aspect ratio of SVG files).


  8. felipe Says:

    is possible export vector from krita to inkscape?

  9. Rafael Linux User Says:

    No way. Is impossible.

  10. TK Says:

    Um is there plans for EPS file format? I see it as being listed as supported on However, at least on Win x64, there is no EPS opening support.

  11. Raphael Catossi Says:

    how can I download this? I cannot find this feature in Krita.

  12. slangkamp Says:

    Unfortunately due to the split from Calligra this code doesn’t work anymore. However with the upcoming Krita 4.0 the SVG support will be improved.

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