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Sintel released

September 30, 2010

The Durian team has released the newest Blender open movie Sintel.

We visited the Durian team during the Krita sprint in february when the movie was still in an early stage. At that point the movie wasn’t more than a few minutes of animatics and storyboards. It’s nice to see how they turned out in the final version. Especially interesting was the scene from 4:50 till 5:30 which was discussed back then, which turned out really great with the lightning and soundtrack (and is also my favorite scene).

It’s much bigger than the previous movies and really show the progress that has been made since the first one. It’s a huge success for free open source graphics software. I’m already looking forward to the next Blender movie. I hope future Blender movies will use Krita (I will be working towards this).

Amazing job. Thanks so much Durian team!