KOffice font rendering again

A few months ago I blogged about font rendering in KOffice. The problem has been discussed and analysed a lot on the last KOffice meeting and the KOffice forum. The conclusion was that the problem can’t be fixed inside KOffice, but needs to be fixed in Qt. Since the problem is far from trivial and we don’t have developers with experience in that specific area, we rely on Nokia to fix the problem. Problem has been reported in two bugs here and here. Unfortunately the bugs have very low priority at the moment, so we need to make clear to Nokia how much these fixes are needed.

Everybody who is bothered about these rendering problems please vote on the two bugs I pointed out above.

In case these bugs don’t get fixedm a possible plan B would be to switch the rendering to use Cairo + Pango. Till then you can try to work around the problem as I have pointed out in my old blog post.


4 Responses to “KOffice font rendering again”

  1. morris Says:

    Done! Thank you very much for this effort.

  2. Fri13 Says:

    This is the worse part of the commercical open source. When there is need for a fix, your hands are tied because the big company what controls the code does not allow it to be in upstream in time. Good thing is, everyone could fork the code or patch it, but that would leave much needs for the distributors to do themselfs.

  3. slangkamp Says:

    The problem isn’t that we can’t get a fix in, but to develop the fix. I’m confident that a good patch could be accepted, we just need someone to write it. Non-commercial open source have exactly the same problems.

  4. slangkamp Says:

    Thanks everyone for voting.

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