KOffice Mid 2010 meeting

Last weekend the KOffice Mid 2010 meeting took place at the Linuxhotel in Essen. As usual the meeting was pretty amazing. The Linuxhotel is a really great place for sprint: Many places to dicuss and hack (like the big lawn in front of the building), free drinks and good connectivity. All the food very food nearby, so we gained more time for being productive. Additionally it’s easy to reach from Dortmund which is also nice.

The main meeting on Saturday was divided into a big part where we discussed the general direction of the project and another part where we discussed specific technical problems. We spend quite a lot of time analysing the successes and failures of project. Boudewijn described lots of the things in the new Last week in KOffice, which is the new weekly development update similar to Last week in Krita.

Compared to previous meetings we are more filling remaining gaps than designing new things like flake. Even though there is still a lot todo, the progress of the last couple of months is very impressive. Mobile device are getting more and more important for KOffice especially for KWord, KPresenter and KSpread. It really shows that the whole work that went into redesign for KOffice 2 pays off.

In terms of technical discussion is good that the text-on-shape feature is now work in progress, which will allow text inside shapes needed mostly for KPresenter and Kivio. Another topic that I put on the agenda was the bad font rendering that KOffice suffers from. Jaroslaw and Sebastian have been digging through KOffice and Qt code to find a way to fix it. So far it looks like we will need to discuss is further with the developer from Qt Software to solve it.

Last but not least many thanks to everyone who help to make the sprint happen especially Alexandra and Inge for organizing it. And of course KDE e.V. and Nokia.

One Response to “KOffice Mid 2010 meeting”

  1. LukasT Says:

    Free drinks? All the food nearby? Oh, pity I did not attended. My mistake.

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