KOffice Sprint

Last weekend I have been attending the KOffice Sprint is Oslo. Like every other KOffice sprint it was really cool and we had lots of fun. It was the first time I visited Norway and I really liked it. Unfortunately these sprints are always so busy that you don’t really see much outside the office. I arrived friday night at the airport, where I met Jos and Jos. During the travel to the city I could try the new N900, which is really a cool device.

On saturday we had lots of interesting discussions about the lots of stuff. In contrast to the previous meetings many different things that are not directly technical issues in KOffice have been dicussed like the impending move to Git, release schedules, decision-making and the involvement of Nokia. Nokias testers did a huge amount of testing and I’m really looking forward to the development that will be done for KOffice 2.2. I got a N810 from Nokia and we had a lottery with five N900 as six month loan after dinner.

Back at the hotel we had a Krita meeting, where we discussed the plans for Krita 2.2. For 2.2 we are mainly focusing on stability and performance with the midterm goal to get Krita ready for the next Blender open movie. To reach this goal we are running a fundraiser to get Lukáš Tvrdý, famous brush wizard of Krita, working full time on Krita for three months to improve performance, stability and usability. See more information is available on the Krita website.
Click here to lend your support to: Help raise Krita to the next level and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !

On sunday morning we had a discussion about getting KOffice end user ready. There is much to do to and even though it’s remarkable what this small group of developers achieves we still need more developers. So in case you want to help making KOffice ready don’t hesitate to drop by on IRC or the mailing list and we will get something for you.

Big thanks go to Nokia, KDE e.V. and the organizers of this great sprint for providing the location, devices, food, accommodation and everything else that made this sprint such a great experience.


2 Responses to “KOffice Sprint”

  1. Albert Astals Cid Says:

    FWIW wikipedia says minimum wages in slovakia (where AFAIK Lukáš Tvrdý lives) is 300€ and average 700€ so 1000€ is not a lot but not that bad either.

  2. LukasT Says:

    @Albert: You can check also wages for IT in Slovakia here if you are interested http://www.informatici.sk/itpay.html?action=list&category=110

    I agree with you, it is not a lot but not bad 🙂

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