The state of Kivio

As you might know Kivio, the KOffice diagramming and flowcharting application, hasn’t been released with KOffice 2.0. Since the release a lot of people asked on IRC how long it will take until Kivio will be released and what’s still missing for the release.

So what do we have so far? The current Kivio version in trunk consists of 223 lines of code. On the screenshot below you can see how it looks at the moment (with my own docker placement):


Of course the small code size doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any features. Due to the high integration between the apps and the KOffice libs most of the features of KPresenter/Karbon are already available. For example load/save, inserting and arranging shapes, managing pages etc are done. Shapes can be rotated which was really missing in 1.6. Thanks to flake all shapes can now be interchanged seamlessy between Kivio and the other KOffice apps. At the moment there is also ongoing work to improve the connection tool.

What’s missing in Kivio? Most of the work to make Kivio usefull has been done KOffice libs. What Kivio needs now are developers to fill the missing gaps. The most important missing features at the moment are stencils sets as we had them in 1.6 and support for text on shapes. Unfortunately we are all already busy with developing the other KOffice apps and day jobs, so nobody is working on this at the moment.


12 Responses to “The state of Kivio”

  1. Diederik van der Boor Says:

    Cool stuff to see how much can be done with 223 lines of code! 🙂


  2. yoho Says:

    I’ve always wanted to find a valuable M$ Visio replacement and have placed big hopes in Kivio. What I’d love is a simple tool handling nicely connectors : dia is the best performing app in this way (oodraw is not that good, but is ok too), but its ugly grey interface doesn’t stand the comparison with Kivio… I really hope Kivio will bring flowchart drawing to a new level…

  3. Anton Says:

    >I’ve always wanted to find a valuable M$ Visio replacement and have placed big hopes in Kivio….

    Exactly same here. Old kivio was nice, but number of available shapes were too small, and creating new ones was not so easy (could not find any clear tutorial). Had to switch to inkscape, but always keep and eye on kivio.

    Ability to import svg images as stencils + good connector tool would give very much to it.

  4. Terry Says:

    Is there a document anywhere on how to create stencils. I’d like to learn enough to see if I can expand the available set of stencils.

  5. slangkamp Says:

    The stencils use the same format as dia. There are several Dia stencil sets and tutorial online. It should be possible to create them with Dia.

    Note that at the moment Kivio 2 can neither create nor load stencils.

  6. Walter Wilson Says:

    Is there any way to make use of our FLW files in _any_ other application? My data has been hijacked by the Kivio file format; something I never, ever expected would happen in this modern OpenSource world.

  7. slangkamp Says:

    Unfortunately Kivio originally used it own format as there were no other open formats yet. It was planned to solve that in Kivio 2.x by moving to open formats. Unfortunately the developers got busy and no converter has been created yet.

  8. Ubuntu 10.04 user Says:

    Meanwhile, how can we use Kivio on Ubuntu 10.04?

    It looks like I cannot install the previous version of Koffice and that I cannot install Kivio on itsown.

    Am I missing something?

  9. slangkamp Says:

    The last released version is 1.6 for KDE 3. Not sure if that is still supported on 10.04. There is currently no version for KDE 4.

  10. Ubuntu 10.04 user Says:

    Hi I have tried to install version 1.6 but it does not work on Ubuntu 10.04. Any other idea?

  11. 13ura Says:

    at this page
    To obtain KOffice 2.2.0 (provides Kexi) upgrade to Ubuntu/Kubuntu 10.10.
    I think you (user) have to upgrade your Ubuntu version to 10.10

  12. slangkamp Says:

    It’s not included in KOffice 2.2.0.

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