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KOffice GSoC 2009 projects

April 20, 2009

Google has announced the GSoC participants (the server went down just minutes after that) for this year and KOffice did get four great projects.

  • Elvis Stansvik: Basic tables support for KWord
  • Jeremias Epperlei: Enhance Formula Shape
  • Dmitry Kazakov: New tile and mipmapping engine for Krita
  • Lukáš Tvrdý: 3D brush for Krita

I’m really excited about that we could get so exciting projects again. This time I will be mentoring for the first time with Lukáš as student. It’s a bit funny that I will be mentoring before the code from my own GSoC project in 2007 is released with KOffice 2.0. As we had already expected we didn’t get as many projects as last year, but still we can be very happy.

This year it’s especially nice that also many smaller KDE apps could get projects. It really shows that KDE is a lot more than just the big projects like Amarok, KOffice or Plasma. Still many excellent projects had to be cut. Thanks to the admin team the selection process was much nicer this year.

Thanks Google.