Hello Planet KDE

After five years of being a KOffice developer, I finally started my first blog. I’m Sven Langkamp, living in Dortmund/Germany and I’m mainly working on Krita.

Here I will be writing about interesting developments in KOffice.


10 Responses to “Hello Planet KDE”

  1. Anon Says:

    Excellent – we need more KOffice news/ exposure. Glad to see you start blogging!

  2. boom1992 Says:

    Hey man! Living quite near Dortmund and being a KDE-Dev as well 🙂

  3. kook Says:

    welcome home! 🙂

  4. vlad Says:

    thanks for joining planetkde and sharing your work!

  5. Jucato Says:

    Welcome to the planet! I’m very interested in the progress of KOffice, so looking forward to hearing more about it.

    P.S. Why did it take you so long to blog? 😛

  6. Dvorkas Says:


    These goals are in dire need of updating, there was a minor edit in December, but if you look through the history it hasn’t really been updated since January 2008 for almost a year.

    This really provides the users with a nice feeling about how development is going. If you and your fellow developers could update this page to make it more recent that would be greatly appreciated.

  7. slangkamp Says:

    @Jucato: For a long time I didn’t see a need, but as more and more people want to know how KOffice is progressing, I thought it might be a useful addition

    @Dvorkas: While the wiki is public it’s mainly for the KOffice developers. The development is so fast that these lists get outdated pretty quickly.

  8. Zayed Says:

    We need hear more about KOffice and welcome home!

  9. Dread Knight Says:

    Hello there!

  10. Helmundo Says:

    Gartulation for your first Blog.


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