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Krush Day is over

January 27, 2009

On sunday the second KOffice bug day took place. Just like the triage last year, the this krush day was a huge success.

The bugsquad did an amazing job and found many bugs. Unfortunately I was busy finishing an university project, so I couldn’t take part in most of the fun. We expected to find many new bugs, but the amout of the found bugs surprised me a bit. For many apps there were more bugs discovered than in several beta releases together. It shows that the beta releases don’t get much testing. Especially Karbon, KChart, KPlato and even Krita get less testing than they need.

We also found many usability problems. As a developer you know pretty good what the app does and how it does something, so you don’t directly face the existing usability problems. It’s interesting to see how other people are using the app and what confuses them.

In case you still don’t know how to krush Krita, Eli├ín Hanisch (m4v) made this great description:


The image is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 and also available as Krita file (needs latest Krita trunk). The image is pretty cool as it’s the first real image, that I have seen, to make use of the new Krita shape layers.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the krush day. Your work helps to make KOffice 2 even better.

What a single bug report can do

January 17, 2009

Some bugs can last for a very long time. One of these bugs was bug 119150, it was added in 2005 and resisted several attempts to fix it. Additionally it was the last reported Karbon SVG bug, which motivated me to start a new attempt to fix it.

Karbon before the fix

Fixing file import bugs is quite similar to archaeology, as you are digging through lots of data searching for some small detail that breaks the import. I was able to fix a smaller bug in the unit parsing which improved the import a bit. After investigating further I discovered that the style of groups in a defs element wasn’t correctly used, but I wasn’t able to fix it. So I filled a bug about it with a small testcase, which Jan could fix the same evening. Even after fixing the second bug the file wasn’t imported correctly, so I continued to search for the next bug. It turned out that the stlye of the use element wasn’t used. I wrote a provisorily fix which had some side effects. I send it to Jan, who was able to correctly fix it the day after.

Finally tuesday evening there was the magical moment were the file loaded perfectly for the first time and I could close the bug report after 1111 days.

Karbon after the fix

To summarize: Due to the nice teamwork and the amzingly fast bug fixing by Jan, we were able to fix three SVG import bugs in 36 hours and could close the last reported SVG bug. There are now only 11 reported Karbon bugs (without the PS/EPS bugs, only three bugs).

Karbon now needs a lot more testing and there haven’t been many bug reports in the last time. For example you could open any .odg you have with Karbon and check if it looks correct. As the odf code is shared across KOffice, any bugfix will improve the situation for all apps.

Hello Planet KDE

January 16, 2009

After five years of being a KOffice developer, I finally started my first blog. I’m Sven Langkamp, living in Dortmund/Germany and I’m mainly working on Krita.

Here I will be writing about interesting developments in KOffice.